Hey ho, let’s go, je m’appelle adrian et je fais de la communication print & digitale, principalement appliquée au champs culturel et évènementiel, après avoir fait beaucoup de documentaires interactifs et de développement web avec, des affiches, des programmes, des newsletters responsives, des animations et des teasers vidéos avec le Cirque Electrique et En Veux-Tu? En V’là!, avec qui j’organise des concerts.

Je suis diplômé du Centre des Musiques Actuelles et je fais aussi de la musique, notamment de la batterie dans des groupes comme BenNasr AlGhandour, The Absolute Never, mon projet solo ANGR, mais aussi pour des spectacles de cirque comme Fracas (avec Tarzana) ou le Cabaret Décadent.

Je suis également certifié Adobe France, qui m’a posé des questions sur mon travail avec Animate, que j’utilise quotidiennement, tout comme Illustrator, Animate, Première, Audition, WordPress, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML5, CSS, un peu de PHP et de JS, et plein d’autres choses sympas comme les suites Google ou Microsoft.

J’ai essayé de résumer tout ça en un Curriculum Vitae, mais c’est pas évident. Du coup j’écris de gros pavé en anglais pour détailler, mais je préfèrerais le faire de vive voix, vous raconter les programmes que j’ai réalisés et qui ont gagné de chouettes prix ainsi que les clients avec lesquels j’ai pu travailler. Et puis les voyages. C’est là, juste en-dessous. Sinon on peut me contacter ici : & +33666575779. Merci de m’avoir lu et à bientôt !

If you don’t want to read the whole story, just download my RESUME or CURRICULUM VITAE !

Oh, and ADOBE FRANCE asked me a couple of questions about my work, thanx Frank !

Who i am

Hi, my name’s Adrian, welcome to my portfolio ! I’m a freelance artistic & interactive director. But I wish I was a punk rocker. I provide INTERACTIVE DESIGN (digital storytelling, HTML5 responsive banners & websites), GRAPHIC DESIGN (artwork, posters & illustrations), MOTION DESIGN (animations & videos) and randomly generated code art.

Alright, so I first met digital graphism and animation at college, where i worked for 4 years with Deluxe Paint IV on Amiga’s 500 and 4000, and a little bit of 3D Studio (no Max at that time, you noobs). After being graduated from the Centre des Musiques Actuelles de Valenciennes in 99, i went back to my very first love : making little things move on a screen. I learnt digital communication for two years, discovered Adobe Flash (now rebuilt as Adobe Animate CC) and started to practice on my own.

I worked for the paris-based studio where i met very inspiring people. At the same time, i became Adobe Certified at’s Adobe Flash Dynamic trainings. Right now, after years at the Cirque Electrique, i’m back to freelance and seeking short term missions all over the world.

What i do

I provide fresh Animate CC conception, design, motion and programming, as well as artistic direction for online motion projects. I’m really interested in random code generated art, interactive story-telling and documentaries, photos and videos displaying, digital poetry, artistic folios and little multimedia objects online. So if you’d like to work with me, feel free to drop a line.

I’m also an occasionally story-telling-Flash-applied speaker for the Ecole nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière, the CFPJ and Ateliers Varan in Paris. I’m fluent in english and Adobe suites, AS1/2/3, XML, RIA, Adobe Animate CC mashups, various APIs, random generated stuff, beers drinking, drums playing, salads cooking and Street Fighter 2 ass kicking.

What i like

The year 2009, I travelled around the world and finally ended up living 4 months on Rapa-Nui, also known as Easter Island. The culture and people i discovered there were so astonishing i decided to direct my very first interactive documentary about the life on the island, it’s called Rapa Nui, beyond the legend.

Another thing i enjoy doing in life is playing music. I’ve been playing drums for almost 25 years in any kind of bands and music styles. So, listen to BenNasr AlGhandour, ANGR (my solo project), The Absolute Never, FRACAS (my circus project with Tarzana) and (platane), and be sure to check us on stage. Else, i enjoy food, wine, travels and tattoos. Last but not least, my buddys and i are organising a lot of DIY rock’n’roll shows in Paris since a couple of years, with our association En veux-tu? En v’là!, and you might like what you hear.

Any inquiry, just say or give me a call +336 66 57 57 79. Thank you for your time.

Awards / Digital Storytelling

Visa pour l’image 2012 – Prix France 24 – RFI | FWA – SOTD 17.04.2012
Défense d’afficher |
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2011 – Best Digital Storytelling
In Situ |
FWA – SOTD 14.02.2013
La Duce Vita |
Web TV Festival 2010 – Grand Prix du Jury
Portraits d’un Nouveau Monde |
Web Flash Festival 2007 – Grand Prix du Jury
Thanatorama |


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